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Wednesday, June 27

your ticket to the flix

Since basically all the shows I watch are over till the fall or later, I need to catch up on ALL the movies I've been wanting to see. NETFLIX is great for that! For my birthday last year my brother got me a gift subscription and we've been a member ever since! Our membership includes having 3 movies out at a time. So we watch 1 then send it on back and another is sent in it's place. Theres always a movie to be watched at the Schaub house! Some movies that we've recently watched include:

Reno 911
Undeclared- season 1
March of the Penguins
The Queen
Last King of Scotland
Children of Men
The Prestige

Tuesday, June 26

i see stripes

I'm usually not a big fan of beer, but when Mike and I went to Jamaica this past March I tried Red Stripe Beer. As soon as we got off the plane we were given a glass of RS. YUM. You can get it locally here. Red Stripe is an Jamaican lager style beer, the first Red Stripe was brewed in 1928, an ale style beer that was too heavy to suit local preferences. The current lager formulation was first produced in 1938.

Monday, June 25

things i love

I heard about this french tip pen from a coworker of mine, and I thought I had to try it! And let me tell you, it's the easiest way of giving yourself a french tip manicure! You just draw on the line, no strips of paper needed!! I am definitely going to try it on my toes as well!! It's only $8 at Sephora!

Friday, June 22

my buddy

In celebration of it being Friday and the first full day of SUMMER I wanted to share with you what summer is all about!!! ICE CREAM!! Although I usually eat ice cream all year long, these treats remind me of the summers in middle and high school. Getting these at lunch time and enjoying them hanging outside with my friends. I was at Wegmans this morning and I got the ORANGE BUDDIES and . Delicious!! Nothing better on a hot summer day! So I encourage everyone to got out to your local food store and enjoy one immediately! yumm...

Thursday, June 21

a list of wishes

Since my birthday is coming up in the next couple of months; I thought I would give my husband and my fam a wishlist for my bday..... hint hint.... :)

I saw this on notsocraftys website it's an AMAZING little invention!! Its called the SPIDER CATCHER. It can grab the little maniacs with out getting too close to them!! Love it!!

Microsoft ZUNE or Apple's ipod video

gift certificate to CTS

blow up pool with filter for the backyard

the holiday and because i said so DVD

spending money for our trip

Wednesday, June 20

happy 50th to me!!

Yea!!! I made it to 50 posts already!! Hope everyone is enoying my blog! I know I am, with all the fun subjects out there to post about! Thanks for visiting and for the comments!! Heres hoping I made it to another milestone....100!!

Tuesday, June 19


I put new photographs up on my Kodak Gallery page! Father's Day, Grandpa's and Mom's birthday and more to come. I've been slacking a little on the pics so there will be lots to come!! Check it today and sometime soon to see!!

Monday, June 18

meet my new friend

I was out at some yard sales this past weekend, and boy did I find some goodies!! One of my finds was this old dressform. My Mom and I were looking at it and it had only $5 on it!! Debating over it, the person who was running the sale came over and said she will take $3!! How could I pass it up!?! I think I am going to put in the front entrance of the house and dress it up a bit!!

Sunday, June 17

Happy Fathers Day!!

Wishing a Happy Fathers Day to my DAD!! Hope you have and a great and relax
and enjoy yourself!! You deserve it! Hope you liked all your gifts!
Also Happy Fathers Day to my Father in Law!!!!!
Awesome pics guys...

Wednesday, June 13


This new lipstick from Cargo, comes in a tube that is made from CORN and a box embedded with flower seeds. Moisten the box, plant it and you'll get a bouquet of flowers! The shades are even design by celebrities like, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Chalke,Mariska Hargitay and others. Buy it at Rochester's Sephora for $20 (opening FRIDAY!)
Also Happy Birthday Papa!

Tuesday, June 12

summer is here!!

I started decorating the house in SUMMER!! Heres some of my glass i've been collecting at sales and other places! Seashells, sand and seaglass! Love it!!!

Thursday, June 7

style WATCH

One of my favorite magazines is from PEOPLE, called Style Watch. It comes out every month or so. One of my favorite articles is "I Really Love My..." it's usually about a couple of celebrities that have either an accessory or piece of clothing that they really love and wear a lot (really..it's a good article!). "Fashion Face off" is another great one. Style Watch has really good tips and buying info on makeup, clothing and trends.

Wednesday, June 6

what i'm watching...

I watched the movie "Because I Said So" staring Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton. The movie is about a mom, played by Keaton trying to set up her youngest and only single daughter with Mr. Right.
I've been wanting to see this movie since it was released in theatres, so when it came out on DVD I added it to my queue on Netflix! I thought the movie was really funny and pretty romantic. I love a lot of Mandy Moore's movies and this one is really great also. She has a new CD coming out in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to check both out!!

Tuesday, June 5


Mmmm strawberries!! How delicious on a hot day!! I bought some the other day at Wegmans and they were so good; added some sugar, some whipped cream with angel food cake...PERFECT!! And they look so yummy in my mini Pottery Barn colander! Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, June 4

mum's garden

On Sunday I went over to my parents house to have dinner with them and with my grandparents. Before everyone got there, my Mom and I took a tour of her beautiful gardens. I took lots of close of pictures of the flowers. See them all here at my Kodak Gallery!

Saturday, June 2


Mike finally recieved his birthday present! Althought his birthday was in March, he just receieved the jersey that I ordered at the end of feburary just yesterday! It's hard to believe it took this long but the end result is that he's really exited and happy about it so that's all that matters! He'll be ready for next season of the Sabres when they win the Stanley Cup!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Friday, June 1

what i'm reading...

I'm reading the 3rd book in the series "The Flower Shop Mystery" by Kate Collins. It about this girl Abby who bought a flower shop and solves mysteries in the town where she lives. The series is pretty witty and so enjoyable to read. I especially love that she owns her own floral shop which has a tea shop inside of a old Victorian building! That would be my dream!