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Thursday, May 31

Coco Bean

I just put up some new pics of little Coco. I have some more to be uploaded soon, so check it out in a couple of days! Check out the pics here!!

Wednesday, May 30

anyone for some tea?

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite home decorating stores: The Christmas Tree Shop. You can find all kinds of goodies there for such low prices! For example I bought a teacup bird feeder (see picture) for only $3.99. I put it next to an old wicker chair in my garden. And I love how its pink! I also purchased 2 paper lanterns that are battery operated, they are looking great in my sun room! Every time I go I find so many good things there! Check out their website for other great deals! And don't worry they don't have anything Christmas right now!

Tuesday, May 29

things i love: VITAMIN WATER

I've been drinking all kinds of Vitamin Water lately, it's so refreshing and yummy. According to its website, the company was founded in 1996 by J. Darius Bikoff after a water scare in New York City gave him the idea to market alternatives to ordinary bottled water. The success of the Glaceau brand launched a new marketing category in the beverage industry: enhanced water. Glaceau's slogan is "hydrate responsibly". Just recently The Coca-Cola Company agreed to buy Glaceau in a cash deal valued at $4.1 billion.
Some of my favorites include fruit punch, peach mango, and XXX. XXX is one of the new flavors; it is blueberry and pomegranate. XXX has triple antioxidants. I especially love the witty blurbs on each bottle!

Monday, May 28

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! Hope everyone enjoys the beautiful weather today!

Sunday, May 27

the tudors

Mike and I have been watching a new show shown on Showtime, The Tudors. It's about the early reign of Henry VIII. It's on Sunday nights and they are showing a marathon tonight of all the past episodes. It's a pretty good story line with some interesting characters. The show is not exactly like history, (Henry's 1st wife was only 6 years older than him; not like the 15 year age difference in the show) which is kinda nice because you don't know what to expect.
If you you do get Showtime, you should definitely check it out!!

Saturday, May 26

what i'm shopping for...

I was recently in Target and I passed by the Isaac Mizrahi clothing section of the store and I spotted a really cute orange dress. Very retro looking. It would be cute for a wedding I have coming up! I think I might go back and try in on!

Friday, May 25

Inspiration Friday

I've seen on many blogs that people write about Inspiration Friday, so I thought I would join in on the fun!!

I was looking through my stack of magazines and I came across this Country Home March 2006 issue. The article is called "rooms in bloom" (where that picture is from--->) As some of you know that I LOVEEEE flowers and this article is full of them. Sooo pretty. So I would encourage all of you to cut some flowers from your garden or go to your local florist to get a pretty bouquet to set on your table for some cheer!

Thursday, May 24


Shabby Chic that is!! Lately at

sales I've been finding lots of pretty chic things; like this plate with pink roses and some fabric that has a washed out look to it. I think I might have to make MORE pillows with that fabric!!

There is even a line by Rachel Ashwell at Target where you can find REALLY pretty bedding and household items.

I can't wait to see what other chic items I can find!!

Tuesday, May 22

happy tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!
It's gonna be a beautiful day here today in Roch cha cha! Here some more of the lilacs in my garden that I cut for a bouquet. Have a great day!

Monday, May 21


It started yesterday and continued to get worse today....sore throat, coughing and other such swell things. I hope it will be gone tomorrow, cause I want to have a nice dinner with my husband (for once we're both home at the same time!!!) and go out with Melissa tomorrow nite!!

and don't worry...I didn't take all this medicine at the same time!

Sunday, May 20

meet geni

Mike introduced me to a website where you can make you own personal family tree, called Geni. You can add people and have the option to add email addresses and have the tree sent to them as well. They can add their own data, extending the your tree. We started making our tree complete with pictures and email adresses of members. Start making your own tree here!!

Saturday, May 19

festival of lilacs

Tonight Mike and I went to the Lilac Festival in Rochester. It has been a couple of years since we've been, and I thought it would be nice to see all the beautiful lilacs ( and to get some yummy fried dough!!). We got there pretty late and most of the vendors were closing but it was stil nice to walk around and see the lilacs. The last day for the festival is tomorrow, if you are from the Rochester area you should check it out!!

As you know from my previous post that Martha was here on Monday for a lunchon, and vistited the festival and featured on her show, Thursday and Friday. Check it out here.

Friday, May 18

i found some goodies

Yesterday my Mom and I went to a few sales, and I found some goodies; some more glass canisters for my craft items, a glass pitcher for some yummy summer drinks, a very pretty plate to hang in the kitchen and some other great finds. I think we are on a glass kick lately! Another great find was a STACK of Country Home magazines for free!!

This Saturday and Sunday is the big flea market sale at Antique World in Clarence, I might have to go on Sunday!

Thursday, May 17

our little patient

Our little patient, Coco is doing very well. When I brought her home yesterday she was very tired, so she slept for the rest of the day. Today when I let her out of her cage, she was still groggy. I gave her pain medication and some food and she almost instantly was back to her regular self; trying to play and running around. When my Mom and I were out today, I bought her a little onesy shown in the pic to stop her from licking her incision, as the nurse told me at the vet, but that only lasted so long before she was trying to bite it off. Hopefully in a couple more days she'll be at 100%. She's such a good little girl!!

Wednesday, May 16

Flowers are in bloom...

All my plants are in bloom right now, and they are all so beautiful! I was outside yesterday in the nice weather with Coco and took some shots of the flowers in my yard. A flowering tree, lilacs and a bleeding heart to name a few. I am disappointed to see that I don't have many blooms on my dogwood tree this year compared to last year. Everyday it seems that there is something new blooming. And there will definitely will be when I plant a couple of azaleas and a hydrangea to my garden that I just got! I love this time of year!

Tuesday, May 15

three sheets to the wind

One of Mike and I's favorite show is Three Sheets shown on one of the HD channels, MOJO. It is on every wednesday. The show is about a guy, Zane going to different countries and learning about their different local drinking customs. You actually learn some things about the country they are in. He even went to Wales to check out how they drink there! The show and especially Zane (who is actually from Syracuse, NY) is sooo funny! Who wouldn't want his job: traveling to different countries and drinking the whole time!

Check out this clip on youtube, for a little clip on what the show is about. Or go to the shows homepage here. And watch a full episode here!!

Monday, May 14

we're famous....

Well not really, but Mike and I are featured on our wedding photograhers website, Kracke Photography. We are the top left and the one below it (Kelly, who married us). They took wonderful pictures of the wedding! I'm so hapy how they turned out! Other pictures of the wedding are on my Kodak Gallery page.

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom!! Hope you have a great day with everyone and have a yummy brunch at the Senators Mansion; like you said before..it will be like old times! Hehe!! And Happy Mother's Day to my Mother in law!! Hope you have a great day!!

Saturday, May 12

zoom, zoom

For awhile now I've been thinking about getting a new car, and I would love to get a crossover SUV. Today Mike and I went to test drive the Mazda cx7. I drove it around the block and I was impressed with how it drove; since I never drove a SUV before, I found this vehicle to be easy to drive. I drove the GT version, which included leather headed seats, navigation, moon roof and some other options. It also featured a keyless starting mechanism, in which you have a card that acts like wireless way to get into your car and to start it up with out having to put a key into the ignition. Pretty cool!! We had a couple of models priced out. And we are going to test drive some other makes before we make any decisions.

Friday, May 11

everything is coming up roses

I bought 3 rose bushes at the Christmas Tree Shop for only $4 each the other day. As most of you know I heart that shop. So I thought I would try these plants out to see if they would stay alive... or if I could keep them alive! They are already sprouting! I am going to update their progress every now and then!

Thursday, May 10

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my Dad's birthday! He was actually born on Mother's day, what a present for my Grandma! Tonight we will be celebrating again with food, cake and presents!
Happy Birthday DAD!!

Wednesday, May 9

it's time...

Today I called the vet for Coco's apointment to get her spayed. She is 6 months old now, so it is time! It will be on the 16th of this month. Everyone wish Coco good luck!

Tuesday, May 8

meet zune....

I was reading my People Style Watch magazine the other day and in the Editors' Picks I came across theis PINK mp3 player from Microsoft called the ZUNE. It holds 30G of memory and you can put your favorite pictures on there as a background, or share your songs and pics wirelessly to friends. Love it!! This will be on my birthday list!!

Monday, May 7


I've been working on this table for a couple of days, and I finished it today. I found the unfinished wood table at Michaels, painted it with craft paint and glued on sea glass that I bought at PB. I think it will look great in my sunroom. Check out more pictures in my project gallery!

Sunday, May 6


I finally got to work in the garden the other day! The weather has been so perfect to do so. Here is some forsythia growing in my yard, I have around 5 giant bushes of these flowers...so beautiful!! Happy sunday!

Saturday, May 5

the season has begun!

Garage sales are great to find gently used things and fixer-upers. My Mom and I went to a couple of sales on friday to see if we could find interesting, and we did definently go home with a couple of gems! At the first sale we went to we found lots of glass canisters that would be perfect for my craft things or displaying objects and an old lantern ; at the next sale I found even more canisters that were smaller in size for 5 cents each! Love it! We were driving to the next and we found a sofa and 2 chairs that would look great in my sun room or even use it outside...for free!! We went to some others and found some more great finds. The start of the garage sale season is here! Check out this site to find sales in your area!

Friday, May 4

M&M and me

I'm loving all the new m&m commercials and magazine ads, especially the Adams Family, so funny! Then I learned that you can create your own m&m to look like yourself at Planet M&M!! So I created one to check it out. What do you guys think?

Thursday, May 3

martha coming to ANOTHER store near you!

I'm a big fan of Martha and so is my Mom, and we were pretty excited when we found out that we can find more Martha products at Michaels craft stores! She has a pretty big line including scrapbooks, printed paper, paper punches, shadow boxes, paper flower making kit, and the best of all GLITTER! I see all kinds of projects in my future! But don't get too excited...you can not use your coupon in the paper to use on her stuff....hmm...

Martha is also coming to Rochester in a couple of weeks, on May 14 at the Hyatt Hotel as the keynote speaker for the Ad Council of Rochester's Annual Luncheon. Tickets are $60, hmm... I might have to check this out!

Wednesday, May 2

little cakes of happiness!!

Yesterday on my day off; I took a break from painting our family room to make a favorite of mine...CUPCAKES!! They take such little time to make, and they seem to last forever with the yield it makes! Another reason cupcakes are so great because there is no utensils or the use of a plate when eatting....even better! They are not only faboulous for a celebration but as a any day snack! With searching around the internet for random things, I came across this really cute wrislet, with you guessed it.. A CUPCAKE!

Tuesday, May 1

Trading Card Art

This was brought to my attention at work by my manager, and I had no idea what fun laid instore! Artist trading cards are miniature works of art created on 2 ½ X 3 ½ inch card stock. About the size of a paying card. They are originals, small editions and, most importantly, self-produced, anybody can produce them. You usually create them in a series with any media. The idea is that you trade them with other people, you can meet up with artists or you can start your own trading where you live. We are eventually going to have a trade at the PB! I can't wait to see what everyone does!! Check out this site for all the information!

check out this artist for ideas..