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Wednesday, June 13


This new lipstick from Cargo, comes in a tube that is made from CORN and a box embedded with flower seeds. Moisten the box, plant it and you'll get a bouquet of flowers! The shades are even design by celebrities like, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Chalke,Mariska Hargitay and others. Buy it at Rochester's Sephora for $20 (opening FRIDAY!)
Also Happy Birthday Papa!


Rekha said...

I LOVE it! I am going to check it out over the weekend at OUR new store! What a great idea...thanks for sharing!

niccunha said...

OOH - lipstick and plants! I couldn't think of a better combo. Yea SEPHORA!!

Fits right in with my GREEN trend right now too. I'll have to stroll on in this weekend, if nothing else - I could always use a new pair of Tweezermans....