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Wednesday, January 30


A pretty teacup and saucer from the set my cousin gave me for my bridal shower. Part of a little vingette on my hutch.

Tuesday, January 29


Here's another guy I made at work. A cute little arrangement with 5 different kinds of silk herbs. This would look cute on a kitchen counter or amongst your plants. They are resting in a terracotta saucer with moss in between them.
Also more of the beautiful scrapbooking frames I found online.

Monday, January 28


I made this birdcage arrangement by just adding a few flowers and a nest to it. I wanted to keep it kind of natural looking and not going overboard with flowers. I think the end result is just that.

I know what your thinking...that bird laid those huge eggs?? :)
Have a happy monday.

Friday, January 25

bouquet friday 4

It's bouquet friday here at the Happy Snow Globe, and I present to your bouquet number four. Many stems of Baby's Breath wrapped together with white satin ribbon with a sheer peach bow. Simple but elegant.

Thursday, January 24

more pins

Here's another picture of my pins in the tiny birdbath. I have been playing around with some Digital Scrapbooking. So I thought I would share with you my first attempt!
happy thursday!

Wednesday, January 23

fast update

I did this fast and easy update to these two small dishes I had up on my wall. I bought a roll of pink and brown polka dot ribbon from Michaels, which was only $1. Tied a strip to the plate hanger and hot glued a bow I made to the top. I think it makes it a lot more interesting looking than the plain white dishes before.

Tuesday, January 22

dress form update

Remember back in June, when I got this lady at a sale for only $3?! Well I finally did something with it. While rearranging a bit I decided to bring her downstairs and decorate her. I added some of my favorite garden shots of mine, and also added some diamond pins I collected awhile ago. It looks so cute in the corner of the dining room.

I think next time I'll put some black and white pics on it for a more antique look!

(the round diamond pin in the middle was the broach i wore on my wedding dress)

Monday, January 21

fresh looking

I took the whole day on Sunday and finally got the house back to normal after we took down all of the holiday decorations (which we took down a while ago!). I love rearranging things quite often so the house looks fresh looking. Can't wait to show you the other things I set up around the house!

Friday, January 18

bouquet friday 3

Here is bouquet number 3 I made. This one I would say is another classic...classic RED roses. I took a bunch of them and wrapped them up in red satin ribbon. I did add some sparkly details: on each rose head I added a swarovski crystals to add some shine. I also added a row of them on the wrapped stems. Perfect for the classic but modern bride!

Wednesday, January 16


A couple of weeks ago I bought a Hyacinth at Wegmans, which happens to be one of my favorite flowers. So I thought it would be cool to see the progression of when the bulb starts to flower. another look to SPRING!

Monday, January 14

how does your garden grow

I made this cutie the other day. I used a cloche and a glass plate, then filled it with smaller flowers, rocks, reinder moss, little birds and eggs. The end result: a little enclosed garden. Simple and cute, and perfect for SPRING!

Friday, January 11

bouquet friday 2

Here's another bouquet I made for work. This one I wanted to give it a classic bride feel to it. I used four hydrangeas and tied it with a "Tiffany Blue" color.

A few days later that week I received my Martha Stewart Weddings magazine in the mail (my friend bought the subscription for me for my bday) and they had a similar white bouquet tied with the same color ribbon; I guess I'm right up with the trends!

Tuesday, January 8

day by day calendar

I got a cute day by day calendar by Mary Engelbreit. I thought the drawings were too cute to throw out, so I came up with some ideas to reuse them.
One idea is to make little greeting cards. I used a pack of plain cards I bought at Michaels and used some scrap book paper as a mat for the picture. Some of the days have quotes on them too, why not just add that to the card as well! I also bought my husband Family Feud's day by day calendar for Christmas. Those would make cute cards as well. Since he didn't see this one yet, I am going to leave a message inside the card and leave it on his desk.

The other idea I had is to use them for scrapbooking. Them make cute little additions to your pages.

Friday, January 4

bouquet friday

Another project I have been working on at work is a wedding display. I am trying to promote brides to come in and have me do their wedding flowers. So I made a collection of bouquets, and would feature one every Friday for brides here on the web. Hopefully these will help my friend Nicky for ideas! (although she is so creative already!)

what do you guys think of my new layout? it was time for a change!

Thursday, January 3

our tree

I thought I would share our Christmas tree for this year. Mike's Dad got the tree for us from their property. This is the first time we had a real tree in our house, and boy does it smell great! I'm pretty sad that we're taking it down this weekend because it's such a beautiful tree! Thanks Dad S.!!

Wednesday, January 2

my present

Here's my new printer I got for Christmas this year. I got the new Sony printer. I've been wanting a new updated one for awhile now that would print out multiple sizes of pictures, (4x6 and smaller) you can even print out calendars and ID pics! I'm so loving it!
So now I have my old Kodak next to my new one, with my recharging station ready to charge up my cameras, ipod and phone! Now I gotta get back into scrapbooking!!

Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone had a great New Year! We spent the day in Buffalo, watching the Ice Bowl, and celebrating Mike's cousin's birthday at his Aunt's house. Great day filled with family and fun!