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Friday, November 30

christmas crafting 101

Here's another light up arrangement I made. It's easy to make: take a medium sized vase, have a string of lights, and in this one I used diamond like items that really sparkle when you have lights around them. Wrap ribbon around it on all 4 sides and you get a fast and cute little arrangement that would be great for a side table or a present to give!

Tuesday, November 27


I've heard about tea staining tags for some time now. And a couple of years ago I bought a couple of paper tags that were stained with this yummy color and scent to it. So I decided to try it out. In one bowl I used tea, cinnamon, and other spices. In the other bowl I decided to use coffee. I thought maybe that it would give the tags a darker look. Well... I was pretty disappointed with the results. There was no big transformation with the "tea staining".

Does anyone else have a better recipe to stain tags? I would really like to try it again!

Monday, November 26

disco partyyy

look at this crazy bunch! we all went to the World's Largest Disco in Buffalo on Saturday for the 4th year in a row! it was too much fun dressing up and dancing!
this year they had
Erik Estrada, "Ponch" from the TV show CHIP's as the celebrity guest. they also had the world's largest disco shoe. there is over 7000 people there and it always gets sold out!

can't wait for next year!!

Thursday, November 22

turkey day

mmm....can't wait for turkey and potatoes...my favorite!

happy thanksgiving!

these are the cards i sent out this week to the fam. pic taken at our local farm market on martha cards from michaels.

Wednesday, November 21


I took some time to organize my studio...my rubber stamps, cards, buttons, and some other important essentials. I keep working on it to make it easier to find things and to make things faster!
I got these cute boxes, from where else?? Michaels! They are photo boxes, but they are great for storage! Used cute little Martha labels on the front of the box.

Tuesday, November 20

shopping around town

I've been wanting to go to a store in our area for the longest time, and a friend suggested we'd go, so this past Friday we had a great day with manicures, pedicures, yummy lunch and then we went to Preferred Plants on University Ave. Me loving flowers I am surprised that I haven't been there before!! They have the best and most beautiful silk flowers I've ever seen!

They had all of their Christmas merchandise out: great Christmas greens, berries, amaryllis stems. Although the stems and the arrangements were pretty pricey, they sure worth it. So if your in the area you sure should check out this store!

Here's some things I purchased while there:

some stems of greens and berries and a sparkling snowy nest!

Monday, November 19

deal of the day

It's been awhile since I've posted last...but lets get this week started off right with a Monday post...

These CUTE plates I just bought at the Dollar Tree store on Saturday. I have been wanting a set of Christmas like plates that I could use around the holiday. And then I saw these, and thought that I would try them out for awhile! They also have bowls and mugs! I might have to go back and expand my collection.

Friday, November 9

startin early

This year for my Christmas shopping I wanted to be a little more organized with lists of what people want and what I already got them. So I decided to use a little journal for it. I used a Mary Engelbreit book from Michaels for a $1 and stamped each page with everyone's names with old fashioned type writter looking stamps.

Thursday, November 8


My plate collection is getting big. This is a part of it! I can't resist them! I am finding them at goodwill stores and garage sales over the summer. And the best thing is that none of them are over $1!! My new hutch is coming in handy storing them in the bottom, ready to use for get togethers!

Wednesday, November 7

more Christmas work

Here are some more things I have came up with at work last week. I've been really busy creating Christmas arrangements and making my goals. On Sunday I made 30 wreaths! That was a crazy day, hopefully I can crank out that each day this week!

Tuesday, November 6

fall day

Over the weekend I visited the site where Mike and I got married, it was a beautiful fall day and the sky was so blue, so I decided to take a couple of pics of the tree.

happy tuesday!

Monday, November 5

i heart glitter

I have always loved glitter, and since Martha's craft line came out with MANY colors of glitter, I went a little crazy with them. My collection is getting bigger and bigger, and I am using glitter on just about every craft project I'm working on lately. You would think with coming home from work with pretty much glitter all over my face and clothes I would be sick of this shiny stuff.... ahh noo. I don't think that will be any time soon, hopefully with the amount I have at home!

This rack my Mom found at a sale for 50 cents, it was originally painted black, she thought it would be perfect painted cream, and to hold all my bottles.