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Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all my Family and Friends!
Enjoy the day with the ones you love!!

Thursday, December 20

my art

Here's my first piece I painted at Mud About You. I think it turned out really good considering it was my first piece! The only thing I would change would be the green, it's a little too dark for the color scheme I had going on.
But it looks oh so cute on my hutch holding candy canes for visitors coming by the house!!

Wednesday, December 19

spring is here...

believe it or not....I'm working on SPRING arrangements already! To tell you the truth, I'm SO glad to be working on something fresh and new! The colors are so refreshing to see right now, no more GLITTER all over me anymore. I made this on Monday, this big guy is almost $400. Can't you just see it in a huge foyer of some fabulous house?? I just love the colors!

Tuesday, December 18


This summer I found LOTS of vintage Christmas ornaments. I didn't realize how many I had until I was decorating for the holidays! These are in our family room, I filled up my glass canisters and grouped them together on a shelf.

Thursday, December 13

brenda lee

I've been listening to our local radio station who plays Christmas music 24/7. I just LOVE it! So for awhile now I've been hearing about the Brenda Lee concert (she sings "Rockin around the Christmas tree" - one of my favorite Christmas songs!) So a week ago today they were giving out the last tickets on air, so I decided to call in.....and I WON them!! So Mike and I went and had a GREAT time! We were by far the youngest there, but we enjoyed the concert anyways! And a great way to get in the Christmas spirit! Here's a short clip.

Tuesday, December 11

cookies everywhere!

I went to a Christmas COOKIE exchange party over the weekend. I made peanut butter blossom cookies to pass. YUM! There was A LOT of different kinds, chocolate snowballs, almond spritz, applesauce raisin, pumpkin raisin, cranberry bread, gold 'ol cut outs, brownies, and baklava and some others. It was at my cousins house, so it was nice to see her, my Great Aunt, and of course my Mom!

Friday, December 7


I just joined youtube, and with all the snow and how cold it is outside, I thought that this video would be nice to see and wishing I was there again! Mike and I went to Jamaica this past March.

there will probably be a lot of videos on my blog now that I know how to use youtube!! beware!

Thursday, December 6

mud about pottery

For awhile now I've been driving by this new plaza in Penfield on my way home from work, always wondering what the heck is "Mud About You"? My husband was on rocwiki.com, and what do you know..... there was a write up about this little shop. To my surprise it was a place where you can pick out a piece of unfinished pottery and paint it any way you want it.
So I told a couple of my friends about it and decided that we must go! On Wednesday night they had a free wine tasting while painting your pottery! My friend Becky and I went and had a GREAT time! We will be definitely going back to paint some more pieces!

Monday, December 3

glitter cones

I just got these cute little ornaments and I thought they could use a little "something". So I decided to glitter the whole darn thing!

The bottom one I used a PINK glitter, and the other one I used a clear glitter so you can still the original gold on the ornament. Next I'm going to change the ribbon on them both to a sheer gold. I guess they didn't turn out too bad!