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Friday, June 22

my buddy

In celebration of it being Friday and the first full day of SUMMER I wanted to share with you what summer is all about!!! ICE CREAM!! Although I usually eat ice cream all year long, these treats remind me of the summers in middle and high school. Getting these at lunch time and enjoying them hanging outside with my friends. I was at Wegmans this morning and I got the ORANGE BUDDIES and . Delicious!! Nothing better on a hot summer day! So I encourage everyone to got out to your local food store and enjoy one immediately! yumm...

1 comment:

niccunha said...


Have you tried The Skinny Cow ice cream products!?!!

They have it ALL. Mini fudge bars, fudge pops, mint cones, and my FAVE - Ice Cream Sandwiches.

I'm officially addicted.

Not to mention, Skinny Cow's website is TOOO cute. They even have Scrapbooking stuff!