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Friday, August 31

9 inches of my life

Well I finally did it! I chopped off my hair! 9 inches GONE!! But I love it!!

Monday, August 27

the falls

We visited Niagara Falls yesterday for our anniversary. We stayed the night by the falls and had dinner at the Skylon Tower. Earlier in the day we walked around, seeing the falls, stores, LCBO, and a restaurant called "Coco's"!!! Had a great time with my hubby!

Sunday, August 26


Today we celebrate our 1st Anniversary! We are headed to Niagara Falls and Niagara On the Lake. Heres to many more happy years together! Love you hubby!!

Friday, August 24

orka b

One of my coworkers stop by one day on her day off, and she had on the CUTEST pair of shoes! She informed me that they were SO comfortable and you can even change out the ribbons to match your outfit!! I HAD to purchase them! On my birthday my hubby took me to Parkleigh. I pick out a black pair with black and white stripped ribbon. And to top it off... they only cost $25! I need to go back for other colors! Check out their website for other styles!

Thursday, August 16


Todays my big brother, and only brothers BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a great day ERIC!!

Monday, August 13

dance dance

I've been watching So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday and Thursday nights since the new season began, and tonight is the season finale. Can't wait to see who wins!! The finale starts tonight.

Saturday, August 11


Today is my birthday!!! Wooohooo!!!! Going out to lunch and shopping, then over my parents house for dinner, presents and CAKE!! and then who knows what!

Friday, August 10


My husband got back from New Orleans this afternoon, after being away for a week. He had to go to a couple of conferences for his work. He was able to go around Bourbon Street and around New Orleans. I'm so glad to have him back at home!!

Thursday, August 9

the big yellow one's the sun

Just found out today that our FAVORITE comedian, Brian Regan is coming to Rochester in October!!! This will be our 3rd time seeing him. He is by far the best comedian out there. Visit his website to learn more about him!
tickets go on sale saturday. what a bday present for me!!

Wednesday, August 8

pretty flys

don't you just LOVE butterflies!?!

Tuesday, August 7

party time!!

we're having a little family party at our house, since our family hasn't been to our house in awhile, and to see our new sidewalk!! So I decided to make these invitations for the party.

Monday, August 6


happy 30th anniversary to my Mom and Dad! Wishing you many more years of happiness!

Sunday, August 5

photo shoot

Today Mike & I were trying to take a nice photo of Coco... and this is how they turned out!! look hows she's sitting in the one. what a little ham....

Saturday, August 4


only 1 more week till my bday!!
Mike took this pic last year on my birthday....always cracks me up when I look at it...lol

Friday, August 3


Today is national Watermelon day!! Woooohooo!! Everybody grab a slice of this delicious fruit!! Mike told me awhile ago that in Japan they have figured out how to grow watermelons square for their lack of living space. These unique melons cost about $82 and regular melons go for $15- $25!!
Check out that square one with a PINK bow!! The article said, that one is $300. I think I would take a regular and squeeze it in somewhere!!

Thursday, August 2

mary e

I was at Michaels yesterday after work, and I was checking out their $1 items. Mary Engelbreit has the CUTEST stuff!! I got all these things including picture bookmark, notecards, magnetic frames and she has other things there too!! Love it!! Check it out!!