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Thursday, June 21

a list of wishes

Since my birthday is coming up in the next couple of months; I thought I would give my husband and my fam a wishlist for my bday..... hint hint.... :)

I saw this on notsocraftys website it's an AMAZING little invention!! Its called the SPIDER CATCHER. It can grab the little maniacs with out getting too close to them!! Love it!!

Microsoft ZUNE or Apple's ipod video

gift certificate to CTS

blow up pool with filter for the backyard

the holiday and because i said so DVD

spending money for our trip


Kristi said...

I could have used that spider catcher today, there was a big one and he just out of reach. I'm sure the spider catcher would have been handy.

silvioafonso said...

Eu já vi muitos outros blogs, mas o seu é encantador. Nunca vi nada igual, parabéns.