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Monday, June 18

meet my new friend

I was out at some yard sales this past weekend, and boy did I find some goodies!! One of my finds was this old dressform. My Mom and I were looking at it and it had only $5 on it!! Debating over it, the person who was running the sale came over and said she will take $3!! How could I pass it up!?! I think I am going to put in the front entrance of the house and dress it up a bit!!


niccunha said...

very CREATIVE Emily.

I like the idea of bringing it out with a little decor splash added to it.

You'll be amazed how much it will be a conversational piece amongst guests!

Very fun!

MylRae said...

Just don't get creepy with your form...

I was at a home that had a manikin set up in the corner of the living room. It startled me every time I moved and caught a glimpse of it.

They dress it up; happened to be in a Pirates Outfit that day, for Halloween.