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Wednesday, October 31

pumpkin head

happy halloween

Sunday, October 28

pretty corny

saturday night a couple of us went to a corn maze right by our house. we got a flag and a map and told to have some fun and NOT to throw corn. :) we had to search for 12 mailboxes through out the maze to complete our map. it was a lot of fun, next year we are going to have a contest...maybe guys against the ladies to see who makes it out first!

Saturday, October 27


mmm...apples!! fresh from the farm!!

Thursday, October 25

1st birthday

Today is Coco's 1st birthday! We got her some doggy icecream and a cute little toy. Happy birthday sweetie!

Monday, October 22

welsh dresser

My Grandpa just finished our anniversary present he made us. I was so excited when he told Mike and I that he was going to make a Welsh dresser, also know as a hutch. He made my Mom and Dad one years ago, and I always loved how it looked!

My cousin's gave me a set of really pretty dishes for a shower present and I didn't have a place to display them. So when my Dad brought it over last Sunday I was so excited to get my dishes out! He did such a great job making it! We love it!

Saturday, October 20

front door decorating

The last part of my fall decorating is inside my front door. I made a fallish looking wreath, added a garland above and a cute little sign to complete it!
Hope you enjoyed my fall decorating, stay tuned for my Christmas decor in the coming months!! :)

Friday, October 19

kitchen decorating

This is our kitchen table ready for fall. A beaded garland and dangling spiders adorn the lighting fixture. Square vase with river rocks and silk hydrangea. The table cloth is from Big Lots that was only $4. Take a look in the back corner... On the shelf is another bargain pumpkin from the Xmas Tree Shop!

Thursday, October 18

old sewing table

Another part of my fall decorating is my Grandmother's old sewing table (there is an actual working sewing machine inside!)in the front window.I got this tiered stand at a sale and filled it with leaves, berry stems, and fake gourds. Another favorite aroma of fall is this Yankee candle, Autumn Wreath.

Wednesday, October 17

living room cont.

Next up is a spot above the sofa in the living room. The shelf is from Pottery Barn, I made the pumpkin arrangement about 3 years ago, still looking fresh! other miscellaneous items including a Snowbaby from my husband's brother in law's mother, which it is in character with ruby shoes and Toto, so cute! A pair of love birds from my parents to us both for our anniversary.

I've been making a lot of these pumpkin arrangements, at work and I just made one for Mike's Grandma for her 91st birthday!

Tuesday, October 16


Next up is my fall coffee table. I finally decided to use this rather large espresso shadow box I got at Pottery Barn when it was marked down from $79 to $14! It's been sitting in my scrapbook room for a year and I never have used it. I filled it with some leaves, pumpkin candles and acrorns (both from PB- they are the best!) and some Indian corn I got last year at our farm market.

I think the my little centerpiece looks pretty good on my table, might have to change it to Christmas in 2 months!

i'm changing around the look of my blog.....it might be changing looks a lot. seeing what looks right. let me know which one you guys like... :)

Monday, October 15

fall decorating

I thought this week I would bring you different aspects of my fall decorating each day.

Today is my telephone hutch on my main floor of our house. I change it with each season. I have misceleanous fall and halloween items on it. The clock in the middle was a present for our 1st Anniversary from my In-Laws. The pumpkin on the top of the urn I got at the Christmas Tree Store marked down to $2 for having the stem break off, works for me! Other items ion the hutch: lots of Longenberger baskets, some of the Halloween things my Mom gave me, and a REALLY cute sign I got at a store called Lindsay Lane in Pittsford.

next up...coffee table in the living room.

Saturday, October 13

basket of fall

After I went to the farm market the other day, I had some extra gourds and things I wanted to make little gift basket for my Mom. Sorry about the picture on the left, but on the basket there is little pumpkins so I thought this basket would work perfectly for my little project. I put in a warty gourd, a mini white pumpkin, a couple of apples, 2 autumn smelling votives, and bright red reading glasses!

Friday, October 12

ornaments, tulle and lace

Today I went to a sale to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Last year they brought in somewhere around $100,000! It was in the former Dick's store, so I was hoping for the place filled with good finds.

I was quite happy with what I found there. Bags of old Christmas ornaments for a $1 each! A bag filled with pink tulle and lace for a $1 and some nice fabric to make some pillows. The one on the left I am going to make fall pillows out of for the living room. That was 4 yards for $7, very vintage look to it. To make it even better everything was an extra 20%! Can't wait to next year to find more great things!

Thursday, October 11


On Friday we saw our favorite comedian Brian Regan. This is our 3rd time seeing him in Rochester and once in NYC at Carolines. Every show gets better and better. The show was at the Auditorium Theatre we had great seats, so it made the show even better!

Brian is having a special on Comedy Central on October 16, so be sure to check him out!

Wednesday, October 10

snow balls in october

I've been working on Christmas and holiday wreaths since the beginning of October. I'm hoping that I won't get sick of it anytime soon, I got a LONG way to go before the season even gets here!
I made this one out of styrofoam balls, small dowels, tacky glue, and sprayed it with the fake snow. It's nice that I pretty much have free range when it comes to designing at work, so I get to try things out that I might not make for myself. But I was pretty happy with the results and hearing comments from customers.
I am still getting great reviews from the pumpkin topiary. Just today a customer is making a bigger version with her own urns she bought! I'm glad I'm inspiring people! :)

Tuesday, October 9


For awhile now I have been collecting random mismatching antique plates, cups and saucers, anything really that is eye catching. At a recent sale I got these 2 matching style plates, only 25cents each. I think these 2 are my favorite in my little collection! The back it says that they were made in England. I wish I could have found more there, I wonder if the set had other colors, maybe yellow and green...?? Maybe I'll look it up online to see!

Monday, October 8


I love when holidays roll around because Pillsbury comes out with their Ready to Bake Shape Cookies. This time I got the ghosts shape instead of their cute pumpkin design for Halloween. They are really one of my favorite kind of cookie; and they are even better right out of the oven! YUM!!

(the plate the cookies are on is one i picked up at a recent sale)

Sunday, October 7


My Mom shared a project with me that she finished the other day. She wanted a fall looking wreath to hang on her front door. Instead of using silk flowers, she went into her gardens and used all natural items for her creation. I LOVE it!!

She was on a roll with the wreath that she decided to make a swag for her shed door! Even cuter!

Great job Mom!!

Friday, October 5

paper crafting

I did some paper crafting with my Mom on Friday. I got my blue IKEA bag out and filled it with my scrapbooking materials. We worked on making some tags for Halloween and Christmas (yes I know Christmas already! I have been making Christmas wreaths all week at work!). I also made some paper frames to use for my scrapbooking. We have been coming up with ideas for future projects and endeavors, so stay tuned soon for those!!

Thursday, October 4

apples and cider!!

I stopped by our local farm market to pick up some apples and cider. While I was there I bought some ity bity pumpkins and some gourds. I also took some pictures, that I think turned out pretty cool, one I'm gonna use for my Thanksgiving cards to send out to family and friends!

Wednesday, October 3

body shoppe

Tonight I went to a at home party for The Body Shop over my cousin Beth's house. When I got the invitation in the mail I was surprised to see that they have home parties! I haven't bought anything from them in years and years, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to find out what they offer and to see my cousins that I haven't seen since the wedding!

The party started off with a hand treatment and then while the consultant talked about the products we soaked our feet and rubbed them with body polish and lotion! Boy did it feel good on my tired feet from standing all day!!

I decided to purchase White Musk perfume, a purse (most of the proceeds goes to charities) and a pomegranate set with lotion, shower gel and body polish. I can't wait until I get them!

FYI- Mary Kay does similar parties where you pamper yourself through a party; if anyone is interested... let me know!! ;)

Monday, October 1


I thought I would post about my little Coco, b/c I havent in awhile. She's been really good lately and learning a lot of tricks!: playing dead, high five and dancing! Next month is her 1st birthday....little old lady! Here's an updated pic of our little cutie with her new haircut I gave her yesterday!