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Wednesday, May 28

stepping stone

I've been wanting to make stepping stones FOREVER! I bought a kit at Michaels which comes with cement mix, mosaic pieces, and the stone template. I made this one for out front garden. I am in the process of making a whole bunch of them with Mike's, Coco's and my name on them for a path in out new and improved garden in the back of our house. I'll be sure to post the pics when they are all done!!

Sunday, May 25

bird man... or lady

This guy was hanging out the other day letting me take his photo. :)
Have a happy Sunday and Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 21

spectacle holders

Heres a new item I made for my Etsy shop, Eye Glass Holders.
I made a similar pair for my Mom for her birthday and she wears them all the time! Be sure to check them out!!

Sunday, May 18


I've been waiting to do this for quite some time now, opening up my on etsy shop! Little by little there will be more items added to the store. I will be creating all different types of crafts. I'm so excited to run a little online store. Be sure to check out my new blog under my business name: Victorian Petals!

Monday, May 5

rochester's flower show

Back in the beginning of March I went to the Rochester Flower Show. There was so many beautiful displays, tons of spring flowers everywhere.
These tulips looked like a type of rose!
one of the florist that had a awesome display, covering a mannequin with moss, flowers and other natural items. Great idea!

one of the amazing bonsai plants.
I can't wait to see next years show. Be sure to check a flower show in your own town!