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Tuesday, January 22

dress form update

Remember back in June, when I got this lady at a sale for only $3?! Well I finally did something with it. While rearranging a bit I decided to bring her downstairs and decorate her. I added some of my favorite garden shots of mine, and also added some diamond pins I collected awhile ago. It looks so cute in the corner of the dining room.

I think next time I'll put some black and white pics on it for a more antique look!

(the round diamond pin in the middle was the broach i wore on my wedding dress)

1 comment:

bj said...

oh, this is just precious...how neat it must look in your home.
isn't decorating such a fun thing and i love that we each express ourselves in such unique ways. that's what makes our rooms special, i think...
hugs, bj