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Tuesday, January 8

day by day calendar

I got a cute day by day calendar by Mary Engelbreit. I thought the drawings were too cute to throw out, so I came up with some ideas to reuse them.
One idea is to make little greeting cards. I used a pack of plain cards I bought at Michaels and used some scrap book paper as a mat for the picture. Some of the days have quotes on them too, why not just add that to the card as well! I also bought my husband Family Feud's day by day calendar for Christmas. Those would make cute cards as well. Since he didn't see this one yet, I am going to leave a message inside the card and leave it on his desk.

The other idea I had is to use them for scrapbooking. Them make cute little additions to your pages.


chris said...

Em, that is such a great idea! I love it. Mary's artwork is too cute to not use again. Your new blog is really nice. Good job!

nickycunha said...

great idea!

i save all the 'store bought' cards people give me and re-use them or cut them up for scrapbooking, cards and gift tags.

christmas cards make great gift tags!

nickycunha said...

ps - very FRESH new blog template for the New Year! I LOVE it!