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Friday, January 18

bouquet friday 3

Here is bouquet number 3 I made. This one I would say is another classic...classic RED roses. I took a bunch of them and wrapped them up in red satin ribbon. I did add some sparkly details: on each rose head I added a swarovski crystals to add some shine. I also added a row of them on the wrapped stems. Perfect for the classic but modern bride!


the feathered nest said...

A bit of sparkle is always pretty! I love the hydrangea bouquet below - they're my favorite flower (next to roses).


l.c. said...

Red roses would make a gorgeous bouquet for a Valentine's Day wedding, or anytime really. And the crystals make it so special. Very nice!

Lisa said...

This is a beautiful arrangement. Just perfect. I love the little "bling" you added too. What an elegant touch.

Alonna said...

I love red roses..! Red roses bouquet always looks beautiful and elegant.