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Friday, January 25

bouquet friday 4

It's bouquet friday here at the Happy Snow Globe, and I present to your bouquet number four. Many stems of Baby's Breath wrapped together with white satin ribbon with a sheer peach bow. Simple but elegant.


Mary said...

Hello Emily - thanks for visiting and the nice comment. I've scanned through your blog - that's a fantastic Welsh dresser crafted by your Grandfather - what an heirloom! Mine was just an unpainted piece I bought years ago - have painted several times! It's so useful as I love china and one always needs a place to display it!

Beautiful flowers - can't wait to see more as Spring arrives - well it will some day soon hopefully!
Mary ~ Across the Pond

l.c. said...

Very sweet. Love all your bouquets.

the feathered nest said...

Beautiful - so pretty and simple!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

It's always a treat to see those bouquets!!

Thanks for visiting and leaving your name for my blog GIVE AWAY!

xo Lidy