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Tuesday, November 20

shopping around town

I've been wanting to go to a store in our area for the longest time, and a friend suggested we'd go, so this past Friday we had a great day with manicures, pedicures, yummy lunch and then we went to Preferred Plants on University Ave. Me loving flowers I am surprised that I haven't been there before!! They have the best and most beautiful silk flowers I've ever seen!

They had all of their Christmas merchandise out: great Christmas greens, berries, amaryllis stems. Although the stems and the arrangements were pretty pricey, they sure worth it. So if your in the area you sure should check out this store!

Here's some things I purchased while there:

some stems of greens and berries and a sparkling snowy nest!

1 comment:

nickycunha said...

ur purchases look great. i've never been into preferred plants but heard great things. i'll have to check it out sometime!