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Friday, November 30

christmas crafting 101

Here's another light up arrangement I made. It's easy to make: take a medium sized vase, have a string of lights, and in this one I used diamond like items that really sparkle when you have lights around them. Wrap ribbon around it on all 4 sides and you get a fast and cute little arrangement that would be great for a side table or a present to give!


Sondra said...

Looks like the disco was tons of fun! I leave my tags in over night, this works much better. I also found that starting with a white paper is more effective. Someone once recommended adding worcestshire sauce to the tea as a darkening agent. I have yet to try this??

nickycunha said...

such a CUTE idea Em. i love easy holiday decorating projects that use items you already have! (ie: vase) maybe I'll try it!

an easy idea I like for my vases is filling them with candy in xmas colors. layer the colors in vases or in candleholders (although, if you do that - UNWRAP the peppermints! hah. i know from experience)

i like taking red, green and gold hershey kisses and layering them in an arrangement of vases. i'll have to take a pic of mine at home and share it!