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Monday, November 5

i heart glitter

I have always loved glitter, and since Martha's craft line came out with MANY colors of glitter, I went a little crazy with them. My collection is getting bigger and bigger, and I am using glitter on just about every craft project I'm working on lately. You would think with coming home from work with pretty much glitter all over my face and clothes I would be sick of this shiny stuff.... ahh noo. I don't think that will be any time soon, hopefully with the amount I have at home!

This rack my Mom found at a sale for 50 cents, it was originally painted black, she thought it would be perfect painted cream, and to hold all my bottles.

1 comment:

nickycunha said...

wow - quite the glitter collection! i'm jealous. I have a couple green glitters by Martha and I love them. Little specks of teeney crystals!