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Tuesday, October 16


Next up is my fall coffee table. I finally decided to use this rather large espresso shadow box I got at Pottery Barn when it was marked down from $79 to $14! It's been sitting in my scrapbook room for a year and I never have used it. I filled it with some leaves, pumpkin candles and acrorns (both from PB- they are the best!) and some Indian corn I got last year at our farm market.

I think the my little centerpiece looks pretty good on my table, might have to change it to Christmas in 2 months!

i'm changing around the look of my blog.....it might be changing looks a lot. seeing what looks right. let me know which one you guys like... :)


Sondra said...

Centerpiece is cute! LOOOOVVE the new look on the blog. How did you get the banner on there? I want to make one and I'm techno clueless!

emily said...

Sondra- I went to a blog skin website, all you have to do is pick one and download it then go to the template option on blogspot and upload it. There's lots of choices out there! :)

nickycunha said...

nice job on the centerpiece em!

i'm missing those pottery barn STEALS more than ever!!