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Tuesday, October 9


For awhile now I have been collecting random mismatching antique plates, cups and saucers, anything really that is eye catching. At a recent sale I got these 2 matching style plates, only 25cents each. I think these 2 are my favorite in my little collection! The back it says that they were made in England. I wish I could have found more there, I wonder if the set had other colors, maybe yellow and green...?? Maybe I'll look it up online to see!


Sondra said...

Great plates, Em and a great deal!!

ant ambulance said...

I've been collecting antique plates for a short while now and my plan is to collect enough for a complete dinner set. I've been able to find a lot of small side plates, tea cups and saucers, but very few dessert bowls or dinner plates. The dinner plates are so small compared to the size of the modern dinner plate. I guess it's a sign of how much more we eat these days!