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Tuesday, May 29

things i love: VITAMIN WATER

I've been drinking all kinds of Vitamin Water lately, it's so refreshing and yummy. According to its website, the company was founded in 1996 by J. Darius Bikoff after a water scare in New York City gave him the idea to market alternatives to ordinary bottled water. The success of the Glaceau brand launched a new marketing category in the beverage industry: enhanced water. Glaceau's slogan is "hydrate responsibly". Just recently The Coca-Cola Company agreed to buy Glaceau in a cash deal valued at $4.1 billion.
Some of my favorites include fruit punch, peach mango, and XXX. XXX is one of the new flavors; it is blueberry and pomegranate. XXX has triple antioxidants. I especially love the witty blurbs on each bottle!

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