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Thursday, December 6

mud about pottery

For awhile now I've been driving by this new plaza in Penfield on my way home from work, always wondering what the heck is "Mud About You"? My husband was on rocwiki.com, and what do you know..... there was a write up about this little shop. To my surprise it was a place where you can pick out a piece of unfinished pottery and paint it any way you want it.
So I told a couple of my friends about it and decided that we must go! On Wednesday night they had a free wine tasting while painting your pottery! My friend Becky and I went and had a GREAT time! We will be definitely going back to paint some more pieces!

1 comment:

nickycunha said...

cool. u'll have to show us the final goods!

sounds like 'bisque and brush' on Park Ave. I've been one time with a bud and it was lots-o-fun.