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Sunday, July 15

uno, dos, tres

One of our favorite restraunts is the Uno Chicago Grill. They have one of the best steaks,their deep dish pizza is sooo good, and their french onion soup is out of this world! But the main reason we go there is their Deep Dish Sundae. It contains a hot fresh big cookie, vanilla icecream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce to top it off, baked in a dep dish pan. YUMM!! Maybe we'll go there after I get out of work today!!!

1 comment:

niccunha said...

i do INDULGE in ice cream much more than the average person, so I'll have to make a trip to Uno's to try out the sundae.

Last night, we went to the Coldstone Creamery. I was resistant at first, because i HEART abbot's and coldstone is super duper pricey - but holy toledo - the peanut butter passion was out of this world!!

My recco if u try - SPLIT a medium. We did and I still had a belly ache from all that I ate.