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Monday, February 4

lighted art

I just got finished with this project on Friday. It was fast, easy and kinda fun to make! I have been racking my brain to make something that would go over our bed. So I decided to make these canvas lighted pieces of art.
I used 2 of the same sized canvas, painted it, and then on the wrong side of the canvas, I used a pencil to map out where the lights where going to go. I used a knitting needle (could use a nail or many other things) to punch out the holes. And inserted the lights (used a strand of Christmas lights).

I really liked how these turned out. They are so pretty looking when it's dark in the room.
Now I am going to make cord covers for the part of the cord you can still see.
(note: I wouldn't leave these plugged in for long, since they sit on the canvas closely)


elsie said...

Wow what a cute clever idea. I like the idea of the cord cover too. always enjoy blog.

Faizan said...

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