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Sunday, September 9

glitter and pumpkins, oh my!

This past week my new boss gave me a project to work on: create a pumpkin for a instore contest. I decided to go with creating Martha Stewart. I thought it would be a great idea considering Martha is pretty big right now in their company; and plus it would be a great display coming into the store with her crafts.

I used 2 pumpkins, dressed one with a blue shirt, an apron and a purse. I made a little pocket on her apron and put her signature "M" and included a Bone Folder in her pocket. On her purse I used her Halloween stamps and glitter to decorate.

Then I wanted to add something to the display, so I used her glitter and glue to pumpkins. Her glitter is AWESOME! I must get some asap! Can you believe I get paid for this? I LOVE it!

What do you guys think of my little display?!?


Schubs said...

Looks Great!!!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

She does have th best glitter, doesn't she?

Thanks for coming by!

Chris said...

Love it! And so creative. Can't wait to see your next project!

niccunha said...

martha looks a little scary with that hair-do, but her pumpkins are just to die for.

I made glitter pumpkins last year but her glitter is waaaaay better. a must-try for this fall!

Kristi said...

It looks great!