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Friday, February 29

bouquet friday 8

The last installment of Bouquet Friday I bring you my bouquet from my wedding. I love pink, and I used all different shades of pinks through out the wedding. Mine included peonies, roses, calla lilies, and hydrangeas. Stems wrapped in ivory satin ribbon, then wrapped with ivory flowers with crystals.

These were the bridesmaids bouquets. Done in pinks and white, roses, hyacinths, and gerbra daisies. Stems wrapped in sage green ribbon.

hope you enjoyed the bouquet friday's!

Tuesday, February 26

ribbon roses

I was playing around with some ribbon the other day, and I thought to make these ribbon roses. REALLY easy to make! They would be cute on all different things!

Friday, February 22

bouquet friday 7

Bouquet Friday is almost coming to a close. This week I bring you a traditional style bouquet: Hand-held cascade. My best friend Melissa would go "ga-ga" over the color, who is a purple fanatic! It's done up in roses, dasies, lilacs, and other purple fillers.

Thursday, February 21

collecting compacts

When I was younger, my Mom would go to different antique stores and flea markets, and I would tag along with her. Since we would go shopping a lot I started to see over and over again these old compacts. I thought it would make going to the antique stores a little more exciting to start collecting something. So I started buying and collecting compacts. It's amazing how many there are out there. There is even books about collecting compacts.

Here is some from my collection.
One of my favorite is one by Richard Hudnut, where you open it and the mirror pops open. Love it!

It makes you think of where they came from and who they belonged to.
What a story they could tell!

Wednesday, February 20


Over the weekend my Mom had a family get together that included a YUMMY dinner; I offered to make a dessert- Strawberry cake! My Mother in law made it for my Sister in law's birthday and it was a hit with everyone, so I thought I would share it with you all:

Frozen or fresh strawberries
Angelfood cake
Strawberry Jello

you must try it immediately! YUM!
**thanks Mom S for the receipe and thanks Mom for making that great dinner!!**

Tuesday, February 19

my photos on flickr

i've started a flickr account. see my badge on the left hand side.

***my blogger isn't quite working with posting...so give me a couple days to get it fixed. :)

Friday, February 15

bouquet friday 7

Something blue. This is perfect for a bride that needs her "something blue". Gathered blue hydrangeas, poppies, green peonies, snowballs, and other blue fillers. I wrapped the stems with light green ribon and added a little sparkle with swarovski crystals.

Thursday, February 14

happy heart day

happy valentine's day!!

Wednesday, February 13


Heres another bulb plant I bought at Wegmans. The Crocus.
WhenI first bought it there was so many buds on it, at least 2 bloomed everyday!
I should have done a pictures mosaic like I did for the hyacinth.

Monday, February 11

Coco's Makeover

Here is Coco's before shot, before heading to the groomers.

Here she is with her new 'do!! Although she had a tramatic time getting her hair done, she came out alive and still looking as cute as ever :)

how can you resist this face??...

Friday, February 8

bouquet friday 6

In going with the Bouquet Friday theme, I'm bring you an idea for the flower girl in your wedding.
I took a basket and faux rose petals and glued them on with hot glue in rows over lapping each other. I also added glitter here and there on some petals. Add a matching bow, and there you have a unique flower girl basket.
happy friday!

Monday, February 4

lighted art

I just got finished with this project on Friday. It was fast, easy and kinda fun to make! I have been racking my brain to make something that would go over our bed. So I decided to make these canvas lighted pieces of art.
I used 2 of the same sized canvas, painted it, and then on the wrong side of the canvas, I used a pencil to map out where the lights where going to go. I used a knitting needle (could use a nail or many other things) to punch out the holes. And inserted the lights (used a strand of Christmas lights).

I really liked how these turned out. They are so pretty looking when it's dark in the room.
Now I am going to make cord covers for the part of the cord you can still see.
(note: I wouldn't leave these plugged in for long, since they sit on the canvas closely)

Friday, February 1

bouquet friday 5

It's friday again, and that means showing you another bouquet! I'm all about SPRING lately, so why not make a bright and cheery bouquet, perfect for the coming months weddings. Put together with tulips, daffodils, mini ranunculus, tied together with periwinkle satin and sheer ribbon.
happy friday!